If Only He Would Review Books…like maybe MY book?!?

This is the best skillet review you will ever read. In the world. Ever. There will NEVER be another skillet review like this one. So, give up now. But, if you must go into that kitchen cookware department, take James O. Thatch with you. These are his words. They probably belong to Amazon. At the bottom of his review, there is a link to take you to the skillet, but more importantly, if you go there and actually BUY the skillet, I get a half million bucks from having an affiliates number. If you don’t buy the skillet, click on the cover of The Girl With 2 Hearts, and presto, you’re on Amazon downloading my Free Book! Somehow, we gotta get this guy James Thatch into reviewing books. Lesbian fiction. Right. I’ll make more dough if you buy the skillet. LOL…dough, get it? Seriously, James O. Thatch. Remember the name. You probably saw it here first.

To Protect & Serve, January 9, 2014
By James O. Thach “@JamesOtisThach”
This review is from: King Kooker CIFP20S Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, 20-Inch (Lawn & Patio)
First off, let’s dispense with the polite fiction that these are meant for cooking. I know they have to market them that way for legal reasons, but honestly, if you’re hungry, throw a Hot Pocket in the microwave. If you want to defend your home, reach for a frying pan.

I believe you can’t have too much protection. I keep a sauté pan strapped to my thigh for conceal-and-carry, a wok in our closet, an omelet pan by the front door, and a waffle iron under my pillow. I may wake up with grid marks on my face, but I don’t lose sleep over home invasions.

My wife has a 10 inch saucepan. It’s a lady’s skillet, sure, but it’s a solid piece of iron, and she knows how to handle it. We take it to the range regularly–not to cook, mind you, but to develop wrist control. That’s the thing about frying pans–if you’re going to draw one in anger, you better know how to use it. If the perp gets control, you’ll be the one with the dented forehead.

As the primary protector of our home, I need to be able to face down any griddle fight. That’s why I invested in this 20-inch, 23-pound peacemaker. Just the sight of it will make an assailant crepe his pants. And this cast-iron monster will go through doors. It will lay an intruder out cold. A little backswing, and you’ll be washing his face off with Palmolive.

Some people say I’m crazy, keeping this much cookware in the house. But as for me, I’d rather have a 23-pound skillet and not need it, than need it and not have it.

GO GET YOUR SKILLET….and read the reviews. James’ review is the first one on the list because everyone loved it! Thanks, James. Oh, btw, I don’t suppose you’ve read A Delicate Refusal, have you? 😉 and, just coincidently? I mean, what are the odds, right? My most recent novel, The Girl With 2 Hearts, is absolutely Free on Amazon! I know, huh! You don’t have to subscribe, pay monthly, send me annuities, none of it. It’s free. I mean, c’mon, James. Even if it’s not your kind of skillet, it’s the best home invasion protection for the spirit that you’ll find anywhere! Really. 😉

Also? OK, here’s the absolute truth: James Otis Thatch is a wonderful children’s author–we knew he had to be a writer, right? Check it!


Screenshot 2015-03-17 22.06.22                                                    Just because…she knew about love and trains



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