Advice for Aspiring Writers From Jesse Kellerman

“…there is no standard for what makes someone a writer other than the act of writing. There’s no licensing exam; no certificate of merit. There are academic programs…but in my opinion they’re basically worthless…”

“…so the real question to ask yourself is: Do I enjoy doing this? Does it fill a void that would otherwise be unfillable?If you love to write, and you are willing to write, and you actually write, then you’re a writer. End of story.   Jesse Kellerman

I have been a fan of the Jonathan Kellerman books for a long time as well as the exquisite novels by his wife Faye Kellerman. It must be in the DNA because their son, Jesse Kellerman, is making a name for himself as both a playwrite and a novelist.

He has several award-winning novels under his own name, and last September he teamed up with his father, Jonathan, to write The Golem of Hollywood–a book I’m looking forward to reading. In the meantime, I went to Jesse Kellerman’s website, and blog, and found this priceless set of gems for the aspiring writer–the excerpt above is from this piece. Go have a look!
Advice for aspiring writers by Jesse Kellerman.


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