I am a woman, and I am especially interested in stories of other women of all races, sexual orientation and identification, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation–all women and the men who support them, write about them, encourage them. What you read here reflects my opinion. Nevertheless, my influences are many. And many have helped me along the way.

I am also one of the ‘L’s’ in GLBTQI; that probably reflects my fondness for, or at least familiarity with, the tough love train that all my brothers and sisters took to get this far. We’re surviving into old age, and into elder age, and we’re surviving the new frontier of “ageing is the new whatever” because we have resilience, humor, talent and…style, of course. ::shrug:: Just born this way. 😉

I write about third world and first world problems because the contextual realities of the former really put the fictions and fantasies of the later in perspective.

I am Retired, I think, but spent the last 30 years in the automotive industry, the last 17 as Finance Director for a Mercedes/Jaguar franchise in Thousand Oaks. Prior to that I was, variously, a reporter, an editor and a contributor to business and trade publications, including Fairchild Publications Women’s Wear Daily (now ‘W’) and Home Furnishings Daily, Billboard Publications, Physics Today Magazine, The Hayward Daily Review and The Argus newspapers, The Los Angeles Times, Coast Magazine and several In-Flight magazines.



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